Cloud Canaries offers custom development, data analysis, platform management, and training for companies interested in developing canaries and using the Cloud Canaries platform. Our staff has experience with developing canaries for monitoring, testing, vulnerability, and compliance testing using Python, Java, go and even Ruby.

Custom Canary Development

Do you need custom Canaries to test workloads and compliance?

Installation and management of the non-SaaS Cloud Canary Platform

Do you need to run the Cloud Canaries Platform in-house, but do not have the expertise?

Analysis of Canary Data

Do you need a deep dive on collected actual or forecast data?

Integration of Canary data and alarms

Do you need to integrate bespoke canary data into existing cloud infrastructure monitoring systems.

Do you need to integrate Alarms into ticketing system workflows.

Live tutorials and custom training

Learn from the Cloud Canaries experts on canary development and platform management.

Say Hello to learn more about our service options and please ask for a T-shirt. You can also leave contact information on the Contacts page. Interested in being part of the Cloud Canaries team? Email us at