Cloud Canaries

Is your early warning system that defends against regulatory compliance infractions, service agreement violations, security vulnerabilities, software bugs, and infrastructure failures.

What are Cloud Canaries?

Cloud Canaries are low cost, lightweight nimble apps that test workloads on the Cloud and Internet to identify, notify, quantify and predict risk. Cloud Canaries Inc. provides the only platform to migrate, create, deploy and manage canaries; as well as harvest data for analysis, visualization, notification, crowdsourcing, and export.
Cloud CanariesLearn about the Aviary Platform


Compliance and Security
Regulatory compliance validation

Vulnerability compliance validation

Service level agreement validation

Life cycle compliance testing
Service and API status

Continuous life cycle testing
Daily Composite, or by service and canary
Extensible API for managing canaries, and accessing their data
Artifact collection

Create, deploy, control, update and alarm

Run Canaries in clusters or as an Agent

SaaS, Single Tenant or Hybrid
Pay for what you use + low user access fee or a flat monthly fee for single tenant.
Intro to Cloud Canaries
Want to know more about what Cloud Canaries are and how they work? Watch these intro videos to see how the Cloud Canaries platform is your early warning system that defends your cloud workloads and services against regulatory compliance infractions, service agreement violations, software bugs, security vulnerabilities, and infrastructure failures reducing production impact.
Technical Report on the Aviary Platform
Cloud Canaries are apps that duplicate cloud workloads. The Aviary Platform manages Canaries: Creation, Configuration, and Deployment. Then collects data sent back from canaries for analysis, visualization, forecasting, notification, and export. Canary Data and AI are the core of the value proposition. Identify issues and guide actions. Allow autonomous actions when DevOps teams are unable to respond.